About Us

HI friends, we are Anastasiia and Dariya, founders of Kudikis Shop.

Anastasiia is mom of a little fellow called Myron, and every day She watches him taught by him and inspired by him, he is the one who’s engages her to do more to make herself believe how can make more.

Dariya is a professional designer and passionate about stylish décor things for kids, all ideas she works out thoroughly and prepare visualization in her computer to count every single detail. After this stage, they bring into life in production.

Together we have created a Kudikis Shop  brand, located in Kyiv, Ukraine with thoughts of all moms around the world and how to improve products to meet moms and their kids’ needs.

KidikiShop is all about stylish with a touch of Scandinavian design things for your babies and kids. We are obsessed about two things: to make cute modern design using long-term and high-quality natural materials. This lets us give only the best for your kids.

Don’t hesitate to ask us any time if you need any assistance and thank you for visiting KidikiShop today!